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Scramjet Transform Hub Logo

We want to become your favorite data processing engine for any environment and for all types of data by being the simplest, most flexible and effective platform you've ever tried. Check us out!

Scramjet Transform Hub LogoScramjet Transform Hub Logo

Meet Transform Hub

Scramjet Transform Hub is a flexible and efficient data processing engine and an evolution of the popular Scramjet Framework based on node.js. Our Transform Hub was designed specifically for data processing and has its own unique algorithms included.

Try it and install via NPM command:

npm i -g @scramjet/sth && sth --help

Code sample

To make your life easier, we have prepared a special Node.js app that will generate a stream of simple messages and send them to our running instance of hello-snowman.

const { PassThrough } = require("stream"); module.exports = function (input) { // create output stream const out = new PassThrough({ encoding: "utf-8" }); // do something for each number in input stream input.on("data", data => { let outMessage = ""; if (data > 0) { outMessage = "Snowman ⛄ is melting! 🥵" + "\n"; } else { outMessage = "Snowman ⛄ is freezing 🥶 Winter is coming ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️" + "\n"; } // write to output stream out.write(outMessage); }); // return output stream so it can be consumed (e.g. by CLI client) return out; };


Transform Hub is easy to install and easy to use. Install it on your machine in minutes. Process your data without the need to set up complex data processing clusters and expert data engineering knowledge. For details, check our README.



Scramjet Transform Hub can be installed in a variety of environments and is capable of processing various data formats from arbitrary inputs. This comes from a belief that developers should have more freedom and choice in their data processing solutions.



Thanks to its design, Transform Hub has unique capabilities in processing large amounts of data without consuming vast computing resources in your infrastructure. For details, please check our documentation samples and start your journey with STH.